Courses For Youth

Youth Courses


These courses are open to students who have chosen or wish to take GCSE & A Level Arabic exams at their own schools. The course will prepare the student for these particular exams. ​

These courses usually start in September of every year and run until May before the exams take place.

Intensive Course:

Lesson Duration: 1 hour / twice a week

Prices: group study £1100 / academic year

One To One: £1500 / academic

Creative Arabic Writing course :
13 - 17 years

Learning Objective: to be able to plan, structure and write a range of descriptive Arabic texts (poems, formal letters, reports, essays)

Duration : from September to July – once a week

Course Entry Requirements: An Arabic language assessment is required.

Price : Group learning £500 – One to One learning : £700

Comprehensive Reading Course :
13 - 17 years

Learning objectives: To be able to read and analyse a range of Arabic text (poems, formal letter, reports, essays.

Duration : one year from September to July

Requirements :An Arabic Language assessment

Prices : Group Learning £500 – One to one : £700

The Prophets’ Stories Courses

Stories of the Prophets help Muslims explore the universal message and the particularities of the major prophets mentioned in the Qur’an.

The prophets are chosen by Allah (SWT) and are guided to accomplish the most important mission one could imagine. Their mission is to inform mankind of what they couldn’t know by themselves with their knowledge, reasoning or experience. This includes how to worship God, how to live in this world, the reality of death and hereafter.

Learning the Prophets’ Stories proves that the Quran is the word of Allah and the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet. The Quran mentions the important events and exemplary happenings that happened to some of the prophets beginning from the prophet Adam (PBUH) to the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Due to the importance of learning stories of prophets for every Muslim in the world, we present an Online Prophets’ Stories Course for those Muslims who are either Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries.


PRICE : Group learning : £ 90

40 Nawawi Hadiths Courses

The Honourable Hadeeth of the prophet Muhammad – may peace be upon him – is the second source of Islamic Shari’a to us as Muslims, it includes many things about the prophet’s life (PBUH), his morals and principles.

Learning about the Holy Qur’an and Honourable authentic hadith should give us the guidance to be on the right track, where Almighty Allah wants us to be.
At the end of this course the learner should be able to:

  1. Know the objectives of Islam that we need to understand as Muslims.
  2. Understand the correct way of applying the morals and ethics of Islam in our life.
  3. Be aware of the pure knowledge according to the actions of the prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him.
  4. Understand the difference between the Nawawi Hadiths and the Qudsi Hadiths.
  5. Know the great directions of the Almighty Allah and his messenger may peace be upon him.

Course Duration : 12 weeks-Once a week
Price: Group learning : £90

Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

This course will trace the life history of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW from the days before the advent of Islam; known as the time of ignorance. The course follows his birth and upbringing through to his receiving of prophethood, the spread of Islam in Makkah and the immigration to Madinah including his many struggles and battles. The life of the Prophet SAW is both inspirational and emotive and is yet full of lessons and anecdotes that continue to unravel themselves to us to this day. Studying the life of the Prophet SAW is an absolute must for everyone.

Course Duration : 12 Weeks
FRI- Once a week
Price: Group learning: £90