Children’s Online School


Our school was running face to face at the Spinney primary school prior to the pandemic. We are now temporarily running our Children’s school virtually during the pandemic and hope to return to the site as soon as the pandemic is over.

 Our virtual School Dates and Times as the following:

 Mondays for Arabic and Islamic studies lessons (Juniors)

 Tuesdays for Arabic and Islamic studies lessons ( Early Years)

  From 5:00- 7:00 pm 

Note: On Friday evenings our one-to-one Quran sessions run between 5-7pm according to a schedule. These bespoke sessions ensure the individual needs of each student are met.

Arabic Language

Our experienced teachers deliver Arabic language lessons using the Arabic Palestinian curriculum.
Our students learn the four aspects of the Arabic language: reading, writing, listening and speaking in a very efficient way. In addition, they learn basic Arabic grammar.
At Foundation Level, the children learn Arabic letters and their sounds. Our experienced teachers help them to progress from level to level so they are able to read text and write sentences.

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Islamic Studies

Our enthusiastic Islamic Studies teachers use the Kalimah Tayibah curriculum. They deliver their lessons in English so that the children can understand and connect to the topics easily. Our teachers also enrich the curriculum with other resources so that students can widen their Islamic knowledge. In Islamic Studies we teach the children the foundations of Islam: Hadith, Sirah, Duaa, morals and manners.


Our highly trained teachers teach the students on a one to one basis in order that they can meet each child's abilities and needs. Qur’an lessons take place via Zoom/ WhatsApp video calls. During the sessions they are taught how to read the Qur’an with Tajweed Rules and Qur’an memorisation is facilitated.

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Importance of Arabic

The importance of teaching your child Arabic at a young age.

Arabic is the main language of the Islamic faith. To gain the best understanding of Islam, one needs to be proficient in the Arabic language.

Why Are Online Islamic Studies Classes Great for Children?

Islamic education at an early stage is beneficial as one learns the topics more easily and efficiently. This is why online Islamic studies are a great option for Muslim parents.

Study from the comfort and safety of your home

During the pandemic, it has not been possible to attend a school setting. Online courses can be attended from any location without having to leave your own home.

Students Gets the full attention from the teacher side

In a virtual classroom, children get the attention they need. They can communicate directly with their teacher and ask questions.